Courtney. Twentysomething- supposedly an adult. I like spooky things, cats, avocados, and Netflix. Here be nonsense and some stuff I dig. "Four stars!!" says nobody.

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The year is 2032, I have just been elected president of the United States. My first order of business is changing the national anthem from The Star-Spangled Banner to Lana Del Rey’s American. The american people are so impressed the twenty second amendment is overturned. I am president forever. 

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and that’s him singing isn;t it???? oh praise the gods

Yes, full video for those who havent seen it 

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you’re important to me you piece of shit

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everything about hannibal is so fucked up like not even talking people putting other people into the corpses of horses or whatever but like will and jack casually showing up to hannibal’s house for dinner with the fish they caught, will cracking jokes like “it was my turn to bring the meat hahah get it because u eat people” like he didn’t just spend the last several months accusing hannibal of cannibalism and trying to kill him WHATEVER BON APPETIT!!!! 


don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to pet a lamb and a social worker climbs out of the horse corpse next to you

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Hitchcock’s “The Peeps

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